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In-House Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy at Animal Hospital is fully stocked for your veterinary healthcare needs. We have a wide variety of prevention products available to help protect your pet.

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Prescriptions & Products

We stock various medications in order to provide quick and efficient care for pets in Sault Ste. Marie. 

While we are able to fill most prescriptions the same day, we ask for 1 to 3 days' notice as some medications may not be in stock.

In order to make the prescription ordering and pick-up process quick and easy, we recommend calling ahead or ordering your pet's prescription refills online.

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In-House Veterinary Pharmacy, Sault Ste. Marie Vet

Online Pharmacy For Easy Ordering

We are proud to offer straightforward ordering of specialty food and preventives through our online pharmacy services. To renew your pet's prescriptions through our online shopping service, you will need to inform us of your pet's prescription (if we don't already have it in our records) and have it added to your registered online account. From then on, your pet's prescription renewals are only a few clicks away.

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Our Pharmacy Products for Pets

Below are some of the prescription products that we keep in stock here at Animal Hospital. We focus on preventive care at our hospital and as such, we keep a variety of products in supply that your pet needs to stay protected.

Flea & Tick Preventives

We offer a number of medications to help protect your dog or cat from fleas or ticks, guarding them against these parasites and the infections or diseases they may cause.

Urinary Food

When it comes to urinary problems, our online store has you covered. We offer a selection of food designed to encourage urinary tract health for dogs and cats.

Dental Food

Your pet's oral health is closely connected with their overall health. We offer foods formulated to help clean your pet's teeth and preserve their oral health.

Vitamins and Supplements

Sometimes, along with vet care, pets could use some help getting the vitamins and nutrients they need to manage their health conditions through pills or food additives.

Current Patients Welcome

Animal Hospital is welcoming our current patients for routine service, prescription renewals and specialty food pickups! Get in touch today to learn when you can drop by.

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