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Behaviour Training

Our veterinarian Dr. Seabrook provides behaviour training at Animal Hospital to help pet owners successfully and humanely correct problematic behaviours in Sault Ste. Marie dogs and cats. 

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Behaviour Training for Dogs

Just like people, our pets have personalities all their own! While every dog is unique, some of their behaviours may be problematic - or even dangerous to their health.

Animal Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie is here to help. Dr. Seabrook brings experience with behaviour training for a wide range of cat and dog breeds. She is always ready to grant advice for pet owners based on they and their pet's unique circumstances

behaviour Training for Cats & Dogs, Sault Ste. Marie Vet

The Benefits of Behaviour Training

Dr. Seabrook provides behaviour training for a range of breeds, to help pets and their owners live harmoniously. Sessions last about an hour and work on house-training dogs and cats to help them eliminate their waste appropriately as well as leash training, reactivity training, and anxiety reduction training.

Correcting Bad Habits and Specific Behaviour Issues

Despite our best efforts, our dogs and cats can develop bad habits, unwanted behaviours or behaviour problems that need professional attention and correction.

Behaviour training can address bathroom issues, running out open doors, jumping up on or nipping people, and general disobedience in dogs.

In behavioural training, these behaviours will be addressed and you'll learn how to redirect your pet's actions to more appropriate behaviour.

Develop a Stronger Bond with Your Pet

While part of behaviour training focuses on addressing negative or unwanted behaviours in your dog or cat, it will also help you build a solid, trusting relationship and afford opportunities for continued learning - for both you and your pet.

Help Your Pet Feel Confident and Fulfilled

Confidence-stimulated and fulfilled pets are well-behaved pets. Behaviour training will help both of you feel more fulfilled.

Contact us for answers to any training questions you may have.

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